Olympics end tea break


Calcutta, July 1: A consignment of Makaibari green tea will leave tomorrow for guests at the Beijing Olympics.

With the bandh in the hills temporarily suspended, Darjeeling tea gardens have rushed to send their consignments to Calcutta for export to the global auction markets.
After a break of nearly three weeks, the first consignment of second flush Darjeeling tea will be loaded on a Singapore Airlines flight tomorrow.
A 333kg consignment, which includes second flush green tea from Makaibari Tea Estate, costing Rs 7,000 per kg, will be sent for the Beijing Olympics. Two other consignments, of 616kg and 110kg, from other tea gardens will be flown to Tokyo.
“The consignment was scheduled to be sent on June 22 but it got delayed. It is one of our best quality teas and is sent for special guests at the Olympics,” said P.K. Chakraborty, manager, Makaibari Tea Estate.

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Olympics end tea break

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