Makaibari achievements until 2015

1857 first established tea factory in the world. This heritage factory, built in wood and cast iron is still functioning, preserving the feature of the original industrial archeology.

1988 first organic certification for a tea garden in the world

1990 speaker at the first Organic Tea and Coffee Conference at Frauenfeld, Switzerland

1993 first biodynamic Demeter certification for tea and tropical agriculture

1993 Fairtrade certification through FLO,  Fairtrade Labelling Umbrella

1996-99 lectures at Hoenheim University Stuttgart, at Ertfries Convention in Koeln, at San Francisco Organic Food Fair USA, at the Fairtrade Company,Tokyo Japan

1998 participation to Biofach, at Frankfurt Messe, Germany, the oldest and biggest Fair of organic in the world, since the first edition

2004 nomination of Makaibari for the Right Livelihood Award Green Nobel Prize, Sweden

2006 the movie  “The Lord of Darjeeling” on Rajah’s life and work by French filmmaker Xavier de Laussane, awarded in many film festival (re-edition 2015)

2008 Time magazine cover story on “The Best of Asia” features Makaibari teas as one of Asia’s top producers for quality and ethical philosophy

2009 Business Economics features Makaibari as a dynamic solution for environmental, economic and politic challenges of the world

Tracing Tea, Cambridge University, selects Makaibari experience as the most outstanding tea initiative anywhere -
German magazine Handels Journal calls Makaibari innovation in Steiner’s biodynamics the most exiting agricultural evolution in modern times.

National Geographic mentions Makaibari as a ‘must’ visit in India
Channel 11 features Makaibari commitment to empowering ladies through the first Homestay in a Tea Estate
Makaibari presented at Green Economy and Sustainable Mountain Development in preparation of Rio+20, Kathmandu, Nepal

BBC Good Food Magazine of May features the sustainable agricultural practices of Makaibari
Aaj Tak (Indian National TV Channel) features Makaibari farming methods as improving livelihoods, addressing sensitive political agenda and upgrading the environment.
Rajah Banerjee invited as one of 3 international Tea Masters at SOLO tea festival Indonesia to share the Makaibari holistic experience

The Thai Embassy awards Makaibari for her holistic philosophy as a gift for the Planet
Chines Channel TMV/CCTV features the farming practices at Makaibari
Publication of ‘The SOUL and SPIRIT of TEA’ , 21 inspired essays for the early twenty-first century, with the contribution ‘The Dawn of Truth for Sustainable Tea’ by Rajah Banerjee, caused a great stir with all tea lovers
First Invitation to participate to the Fair of Sustainability “Falacosagiusta”, Milano, Italy

'Mission in a Bottle' by Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff- cofounders of Honest Tea/U.S, finally hit the stands. The collaboration between Makaibari and Honest Tea is a fascinating voyage for all to glean
The highlight of the year was the cumulative solidarity bestowed by the principal global tea buyers of Makaibari, by jointly picking up an unique 50kg lot of Silver Tips Imperial for a world record price of $1850 per kg.
Presentation of Teas and Makaibari philosophy to Slow Food Italy
First participation at Biofach, Japan to a sellout audience on sustainability and ethics.

New Facebook page Makaibari Tea Estate: 'Healthy Soil is Healthy Mankind'
Presentation of Teas and Makaibari philosophy to Slow Food Trentino, Italy and lecture on 'The Value of Soil' for the Comitee 'Adopt a Terrace'
Launch of the new Makaibari tea family 'MakaibariTea Treasures', the six top Makaibari Teas, totally manufactured in India, Italian graphic concept/design

"Soils constitute the foundation of vegetation and agriculture. Forests need it to grow. We need it for food, feed, fiber, fuel and much more."

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General - International Year of Soils 2015: Healthy soils for a healthy life