In our Community we are committed to foster the six above values related to the production of good and healthy teas and food, for a fair and ethical life for humans, animals and plants, and to save the beauty and harmony of our magical Himalayan region.

Makaibari Tea is Good and Healthy because:

1. Nature has gifted Makaibari an unique habitat and we mutual respect our reciprocal limits and integrity.
2. A unique system of sustainable holistic agricultural practices embraces the highest standards of organics, biodynamic and permacultural initiatives.
3.This creates a specific personality of the soil which is reflected in our teas identity and high quality.
4. We manufacture the magical mystical tea leaves with loving hands, respecting as much as possible their character and natural integrity.
5. We would like the delightfulness of our teas to encourage the pleasure to appreciate more complexity and culture of tea.

Makaibari Tea is Fair and Ethical because:

1. We are committed for the rights of our Earth, to the safeguard and improvement of the rain forest, integrating sustainable polyculture for next generations.
2. Our mantra is partnership not ownership: together with the local community we intend to manage the goods which are the fundament of our common existence.
3. We sustain the rights of the community for health, housing, education, but also to decide on its future with self-confidence and sovereignty.
4. We recognize the right of workers, women and men, along the whole production cycle, for dignity and adequate remunerated work.
5. We respect and promote the right of tea lovers to be informed about Makaibari and our teas.

Makaibari Tea is Beautiful and Harmonious because:

1. We believe that Beauty will save the world and therefore we are working and living to discover Beauty within, and to share this Beauty with others.
2. We seek for a living Beauty, natural and harmonious: a bridge towards new and infinity, in a never ending expansion of consciousness.
3. We offer a Beauty where space and time are in harmonic vibes with the rhythm of days and seasons at Makaibari.
4. We like to share the Beauty of our community unconditionally.
5. We dream that our teas can transmit the magical Harmony of Darjeeling and of Makaibari: the high valleys and biodiversity, the oldest tea factory in the world, the bushes on steep slopes, their awakening at first spring storms, the silent unending growth of the rainforest, mists moving in monsoon time, lightening in the storms, unforgettable sunsets looking towards Nepal.

"Soils constitute the foundation of vegetation and agriculture. Forests need it to grow. We need it for food, feed, fiber, fuel and much more."

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General - International Year of Soils 2015: Healthy soils for a healthy life