Makaibari has pioneered many incentive schemes to ensure that the children of the resident working community attend both primary and secondary schools, also according scholarships to the best students.

In colonial times, it was unthinkable of education  in the cash rich tea estates. Child labour was in fact the order of the day, with its attendant exploitation.
We at Makaibari believe that the most important aspect of education is at the primary level. Here the foundational stone of character building is laid - primary school education creates awareness, the capacity of which is complemented by secondary school education. The combination of awareness and capacity built results in character. Education that builds character ensures sustainable uplift for the community, state and finally as a nation.
Makaibari has seriously supplemented the quality education initiatives, by encouraging global interns to teach at the primary and secondary school.
His on-going education process has commenced having its sustainable impact both on the community as well as the interns. It’s a two way process of interactive education that uplifts all.
All the primary school children are given uniforms, and their stationery and text books are borne by the management, as an incentive for attendance.
Interesting outings/events and treats are organized at a regular basis to ensure its fun for the kids as well as parents, ensuring the importance of education in a fun way.
Scholarships are the ultimate incentive for pursuit of academic/athletic/artistic excellence, ensuring education as a tool for character building.

"Soils constitute the foundation of vegetation and agriculture. Forests need it to grow. We need it for food, feed, fiber, fuel and much more."

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General - International Year of Soils 2015: Healthy soils for a healthy life