What is a subscription?

Here at Makaibari we have made available for you a purchasing option called Subscription.

Thanks to this option, when you shop on Makaibari, you can decide to order a larger quantity of tea to be delivered to your doorstep over a specified period of time, at specified intervals.
You can set the Subscription purchase through a hassle free process. If you wish to place order once and receive your preferred tea for a certain amount of time without having to order it again and again from our website.

How to set a subscription.

You set a subscription via a tooltip, clicking on the ‘SET A SUBSCRIPTION’ button.
In the tooltip, the "For how long" option allows you to decide the [global] amount of time you wish us to send you tea for. Two options are available: for 6 (six) months or for 1 (one) year the "How Frequently" option lets you choose how frequently over the chosen time span you will receive your tea. The available options are: once every 3 (three) months, 1 (one) time per month, 1 (one) time per week.

Once you are happy with a subscription you need to ‘ADD IT TO CART’ in order to put the subscription in your cart.

Once you go to the cart you will see the SHIPPING CHARGES added to your purchased order. PLEASE REVISE YOUR ORDER before submitting it.
You can CANCEL your SUBSCRIPTION before placing the order, clicking on the ‘BIN’ ICON from the cart before placing your order if you are unhappy with it: to make sure you canceled an item from the cart, please check that the TOTAL PRICE ON THE RIGHT COLUMN reflects the price you expect to be there BEFORE placing your order.

Subscriptions payment, shipping, refunds

The Subscription will be ENTIRELY PAID by you at the moment of purchase, therefore, if you are unsure about your order, PLEASE do not set a subscription: it is advisable that you taste your tea with a simple single order and repeat the order if you like our tea.
Subscriptions follow the same refund policy as other orders, so please note that a Subscription order is treated as a UNIQUE ORDER: please read our ‘Return and Refund’ section to get information on our policies before placing a subscription.

Please note that SHIPPING CHARGES ARE NOT INCLUDED in the price of subscriptions, so please make sure you review and ensure that you are satisfied with the total SHIPPING CHARGES before you place your order for purchase.

We hope you will enjoy the subscriptions, the new way to expand over time the pleasure of tasting Makaibari tea.

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José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General - International Year of Soils 2015: Healthy soils for a healthy life