From conscious producer to conscious consumer: enjoy our new Tea Treasures

    We pack and distribute our best teas in India, Europe, Japan, USA, avoiding intermediations, according to your taste and choice.

    The British clippers returned with chines tea after illegally offloading the opium in China. Increasing popularity, coupled with the Chinese embargo after the Boxer wars, compelled commencement one of the experimental plots of tea in the colonies.
    The plots in Darjeeling were so successful that the sobriquet ‘champagne of teas’ was coined for Darjeeling teas. This paved the way for estates in Assam, South India, Ceylon and Africa to follow.
    All teas under colonial control were routed via tea brokers. This resulted in large trading houses monopolizing the industry. The producer never prospered.
    Makaibari has always marketed her teas in packets directly to the consumer, and our Tea Treasures family is the latest creations packed in the estate.
    The vision that lead us to our new Tea Treasures is to provide a basket of the best Darjeeling teas a fingertip away from every country of the globe, directly from the garden to the tea lovers!
    The time is here to take the working holistically sustainable philosophy of Makaibari far beyond her borders.

    Our 6 Tea Treasures are selected according to our highest quality, harvested at specific time, in specific areas, from specific tea bushes, under specific soil conditions, through particular environmental selection.

    This creates a specific personality reflected in our their identity and unique quality.

    The objective: direct from the tea estate to your doorstep courtesy Guru Google!

    "Soils constitute the foundation of vegetation and agriculture. Forests need it to grow. We need it for food, feed, fiber, fuel and much more."

    José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General - International Year of Soils 2015: Healthy soils for a healthy life